What are the advantages of the Paleo Diet?


Regional, seasonal, uncomplicated

Fresh vegetables and fruit, local meats, fish, nuts, and premium oils make your body and brain fit! You also eat seasonally on the Paleo diet, so your body is supplied with exactly vitamins and nutrients that it needs. Implementing the Paleo diet is easy because you don’t have to count calories and you can eat these foods as much as you want.


Eat away the diseases of “civilization”

The Paleo diet also has a positive effect on metabolism. If you look at the United States and most Western countries, you’ll find that many chronic ailments that are the most common causes of disease and death are related to diet. These diseases have widely increased in Western populations and affect 50% – 65% of adults. Studies from the last 30 years show that the causes of the so-called diseases of civilization stem from diet. They are also caused by environmental factors and genetic predisposition. Coronary heart disease is not only caused by too much saturated fat in a person’s diet, but it’s also influenced by multiple factors of the modern diet (dairy products, grains, sugar, vegetable oils, fatty meats, salt, and combinations thereof), combined with a lifestyle containing too little exercise.


By including natural foods of the highest quality, following Paleo principles can help to prevent, alleviate or cure metabolic and autoimmune diseases, such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis or acne. The risk for cancers and allergies should drop significantly, while physical performance and well-being increases – according to Paleo dieters.


Researched and tested

Whoever wants to lose weight in a healthy way will definitely be interested in the fact that this diet is the longest tested of all. Studies show the effects of food on human metabolism. Renowned scholars such as Boyd Eaton and Loren Cordain, founders of the Paleo diet, researched and tested the currently existing relationships as well as the diet of our ancestors for over a quarter of a century.

nordstegWhat are the advantages of the Paleo Diet?