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The responsibility for the contents of this site are owned by Nicolas Fabjan. I take no responsibility for external content which I refer to via hyperlink. The basic direction is the information about the benefits of the Paleo Diet. All information is given in good faith but without any guarantee that the information shown on this page actually agree. I can not accept any liability for injury or other damages that may be caused by the application of the Paleo Diet, or offers of this page and its affiliate-partners, in any form whatsoever. The contents of the site are carefully checked, should you still find any errors, I regret this, but can assume no liability for this case. Also, I would point out that my offer of information is constantly changing for the sake of updating. The content of this website is protected by copyright. Any unauthorized use, including storing in databases, publication, reproduction, editing or any form of commercial use, and disclosure to third parties in parts or in revised form is prohibited without my consent. Hyperlinks on my pages are welcome, but I ask to refrain from integrating my pages in the frames!

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Before links are made available to the general public, these pages are checked for the content. Sites with pornographic or right-wing, etc. content will be deleted immediately! By judgment of 12 May 1998 – 312 O 85/98 Liability for linksthe regional court (LG) Hamburg decided that a linking site is responsible for the contents of the site it is linking to. This can only be prevented by expressly distancing oneself from these contents. I hereby dissociate myself from the linked pages to which I have no control of the content or the design and take no responsibility for the illegal content of internet pages to which the attached references. The same of course applies to items that can be made by users of the site. Of course the opinion of the visitors do not necessarily reflect my own opinion or moral stance. I dissociate myself hereby expressly from the texts produced by third parties, whose links attached and advanced topics.

If fonts, photos or unauthorized streams should be, etc. available on this site infringe a copyright, please contact the above mentioned email address. I’ll then immediately remove the relevant parts from the side!

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I assume no warranty for accuracy, correctness etc. of the contents, which can undermine despite thorough review. All posts or information that are sent from visitors or members to me, referring to the date of publication and are subject to change without notice. In addition, I am not liable for damages caused by viruses or data loss.

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If you notice a dead” or illegal link, so please let me know by email so I can respond accordingly! Texts and images that violate the good manners” will immediately deleted by me.

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