Testimonials about the Paleo Diet

For me, the Paleo diet has become my consistent diet principle. I started because my beer belly had begun to slowly spill over my belt. In no time I had it under control – in just 4 weeks my waist was 3 belt holes narrower and I was almost seven pounds lighter. The best thing about the Paleo diet is the large amount of meat you can eat! This is exactly what I love – you don’t snack on granola – you can go crazy at the BBQ!

I really benefited from the Paleo Plan – and I still use it – it makes life so much easier. And you’re not forced to always eat the same thing. The wide variety of food options has been amazing and right now, I can’t imagine any other diet.

Phil K., dental technician

I had already tried a lot of diets with some success, but I never was able to stick to the new system in the long run. The Paleo diet took care of itself from the start. I see it not as a diet, but as normal nutrition. After the extra pounds I lost (19 pounds) I just kept going. The effect was that my little love handles have kept on shrinking more and more.

Always getting new ideas from the Paleo Plan keeps it from being boring! And I can eat Paleo in most restaurants.

Patricia F., employee

For me it was not possible to cook or prepare complicated dishes at work in the afternoons. With the Paleo Plan, I have more than enough ideas for quick snacks in between. Through it, I’ve lost 11 pounds without any additional sports. The Paleo Plan is the best way for me to eat well, despite a stressful job.

Marcus H., programmer

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